The Riverside Area Residents (RAR) Association was formed on July 8th 2008 at a well-attended meeting at the Buddhist Centre. Residents agreed that an Association will give us a stronger collective voice on issues affecting the quality of life in the Riverside area.

Our goals are:
• To help ensure we have a peaceful, safe and attractive environment
• To encourage a strong community spirit within the area

We will liaise with elected ward members, council officers, other resident groups and others (eg Neighbourhood Watch) to help achieve our goals. RAR is open to all residents who live in or own property in the area bounded by Riverside and Newmarket Rd, Walnut Tree Ave and Garlic Row.

Our officers are: 

Chair:   Lynette Gilbert, 01223 355112.  lynette (at) buslit.co.uk.
Secretary: Harry Goode, 01223 560950. harry.huguette@ntlworld.com.
Treasurer:  Tim Ensor, 01223 300159. timensor1 (at) gmail.com.

Other positions: 

Web:   Suzi Shimwell, suzi@rar.org.uk


RAR will need money to cover postage, paper and other essentials if we are to do a good job. The meeting agreed that RAR should request a small voluntary annual donation from each resident. The suggested donation is £5, but residents can pay more or less, as circumstances allow. Please give donations to your street representatives or contact Tim Ensor, RAR Treasurer.


Abbey Road: Jane Ridley – 07795 185755 and Rod Boroughs
St Bartholemew’s Court: Richard Fawcett – 01223 302702
Beche Road/Jubilee Project: Philippa Danks – 01223 322570 and Caroline Wardle – 01223 693990
Beche Court; Sarah Hundleby – sahundleby@tiscali.co.uk
Garlic Row: Graham Garrett – 01223 367371
Godesdone Road: Harry Goode and Huguette Chatterton – 01223 560950
Oyster Row: Phil Pollington – 01223 709261
Priory Road: Alison Davies – 01223 510171
River Lane: Cathy Eaton – 07946 262166
Riverside: Sheila von Rimscha – 01223 316813
Riverside Place: Gordon Davies – gordon_n_davies@yahoo.com
Saxon Road: Rosie Ensor – 01223 300159
Stanley Road: Jim Hair – RoseStones (at) gmail.com
Water View Apartments: Tony Eva – 01223 353467

If you’d like to get involved please get in touch.